Hassi Messaoud Medical Centre

The Medilink Hassi Messaoud Medical Centre offers primarily first-response medical services aimed at stabilising patients, assessing their needs for further medical treatment and putting medevac into operation if required. We operate a referral system to third-party medical providers referring patients to hospitals both locally and overseas as the need arises.

Services offered at the Centre include:

Emergency Centre

The centre team comprises senior overseas trained and local doctors, nursing staff as well as a radiographer and laboratory technologist. Together, the clinic staff provides a range of services to our clients.

The Emergency Centre is a members-only facility.

General Practitioner Consultations

Our general practitioner (GP) surgeries provide routine daily medical and health care by appointment six days a week. Our doctors are there to assess and discuss any aspects of our members’ healthcare, and will act as first port of call should there be a need for onward referral to other Medilink or third-party health services.

Minor Procedures

The Clinic provides General Minor Procedures such as suturing, plaster casting of fractures and removal of foreign bodies.

Emergency Services

The Clinic is available for emergencies on a 24/7 basis. The Emergency Room is equipped to high international standards with patient vital signs monitoring, defibrillation and external pacing capability, suction and infusion pumps and mechanical ventilation. It has the capability to treat two patients simultaneously.

The Emergency Centre has sufficient space and equipment to handle mass casualty incidents

Road Ambulance Services

The Emergency Centre is supported by two road ambulances, a full-size European C Class Ambulance, capable of transporting a patient under intensive care conditions and a smaller ambulance for routine transport. The ambulances are utilised for emergency call outs and to transfer patients requiring medevac to the airport.

Laboratory Services

Extensive laboratory services are available at the Emergency Centre. The service is run by qualified laboratory technologists, and provides routine laboratory tests together with some specialist testing. A referral service is available to other laboratories to complete the range of tests available.

Diagnostic Imaging Services

The emergency centre is equipped with a digital X-Ray. A tele-radiology link is available to our teleradiology centre in Malta where radiology specialists are available 24/7 to provide diagnoses and second opinions to the doctors on the ground.


A full inventory of drugs is available for our patients, including drugs for general practice as well as all emergency and critical care drugs. We are licensed to purchase drugs from the Pharmacie Centrale and are also able to source medication from various countries to cater for our clients’ needs.

Short-term Patient Admissions

The clinic has an observation room where up to two patients can be kept for short-term admissions whilst they are receiving treatment or for monitoring.

The observation room can be upscaled to intensive care configuration to be able to hold two patients in intensive care while they await medical evacuation. The team of doctors and nurses working at the clinic will be trained and experienced in caring for patients in intensive care.

Stabilisation of patients prior to medical evacuations

Patients requiring onward medevac can be stabilised and kept at the emergency clinic until the time of the medevac, under the care of our emergency and intensive care team.

Referral Service to Specialists and other Medical Centres

Medilink will operate a referral service to specialists and other medical centres in Algeria and overseas, where patients can be referred for further diagnosis and treatment.



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